Our Vision for Natural and Spiritual Wisdom

As a Christian co-op, our method and approach to education is to partner with families who want to raise their children in the Daniel Lifestyle. We consider this lifestyle to consist of four components:

• Prayer
• A consecrated or dedicated lifestyle
• Excellence in learning
• Cultivating wonderful friends, or what we call marvelous comrades

We seek to energize students who are well-educated and trained in both academics and spiritual understanding, having cultivated pure hearts and been given discernment to walk in positions of influence (Daniel 1:4).

Daniel and his fellows kept to their religion; and God rewarded them with eminence in learning. Pious young persons should endeavour to do better than their fellows in useful things; not for the praise of man, but for the honour of the gospel, and that they may be qualified for usefulness. And it is well for a country, and for the honour of a prince, when he is able to judge who are best fitted to serve him, and prefers them on that account. Let young men steadily attend to this chapter; and let all remember that God will honour those who honour him, but those who despise him shall be lightly esteemed.
— Matthew Henry, Daniel 1:17 Commentaries

Natural Wisdom

At The Daniel Academy we train our students to pray and seek the Lord even in the midst of taking classes and studying. We want to know the Creator and understand His creation as we study science, history, literature, writing, critical thinking, understanding of world views, etc. Our teachers see an aspect of God’s nature within the subjects they teach and help our students to see that same facet as they learn — the study of government starts with the study of the One who governs galaxies. The study of art begins with the One who created beauty to search out and capture. 

Spiritual Wisdom

We also train our students in a lifestyle of praying and waiting on the Lord. Our students gather together each week for our Chapel Service, the heart of our school day, where children and parents congregate for a powerful time of worship and intercession, and a challenge from the Bible. Younger students come alongside older students and their parents as they lead their own worship and prayer time, as well as sharing their testimonies as to what the Lord has done. Just as Daniel did, we stop in class to pray together three times a day. In addition, we provide a Prayer Room for both students and parents to meet with the Lord as they are led.

Another part of the spiritual training is done in our exceptional Core Worldview classes with the goal of the Word becoming alive and active to our students, and through our Precepts Inductive Bible Study class. (Hebrews 4:12). 

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