Everything You Need to Know about Tuition

The old saying goes "you get what you pay for."  We agree, but with a twist . . . when it comes to the cost of your children's education and the benefits it brings, we say "you get what you INVEST in."  Homeschooling does have a lot of costs, so we want to do what we can to keep The Daniel Academy as inexpensive as possible, which is why we are a Not for Profit Organization.  Our desire is for every child to get the very best education they can.  We have partner churches and individuals that can help if needed.  If the cost is a deterrent to your joining, please contact us for additional information.


Financial Cost

From a money perspective, we simply ask for a love offering, due at the beginning of the school year, that covers the building fee and supply costs incurred over the year.  The fee schedule:

Register March 1 to April 30:  $200 flat family fee plus and a additional $25 per child registered, including nursery.

Register May 1-June 1: $250 flat family fee plus an additional $25 per child, including nursery.

Register after June 1(late registration): $300 flat family fee plus an additional $25 per child, including nursery.

Please note that once TDA is filled, registration will be closed regardless of the date. Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

The cost of books and specific supplies required are not included in the cost.  Some classes, Biology and Fine Arts for example, may have an additional cost as well.  The class cost, if applicable, will be published in the course description along with books and supplies needed for the specific classes. 



TDA is a true co-op, meaning each family registered will have an opportunity to invest in the community as a parent teaching or leading a class throughout the year.  

We strive to have teachers leading classes that they are skilled in or passionate about.  If the teachers are excited and knowledgeable, then the students will be more excited and eagerly gain knowledge.

We work with families to make this an enjoyable and fulfilling part of our community.  Whether you enjoy holding babies in the Nursery, doing Science experiments, reading books with elementary students or developing engaging conversation with High Schoolers, we have a place for you.



We are working hard to make The Daniel Academy the very best it can be.  Across all grade levels we are working to bring together some of the best courses and teachers for your children, while creating a safe environment where Jesus is glorified and you can be transparent and real.

In the end . . . the best benefit of TDA is our community.  Many of our parents are veteran homeschool teachers with 10-15 or more years experience; master teachers who have been through the highs and lows of many years of homeschooling and have seen their children launch successfully into top colleges and universities . . . but more importantly into life as passionate young adults who love and serve Jesus with all their hearts.   They are here for you, and we are all here to support one another on this amazing journey!