We acknowledge that each family has an essential role to play in the TDA experience.  The quality of the classes we provide for our children depends upon our collective level of commitment to and investment in the group.  Accordingly, we recognize the need to place a high priority on fulfilling our individual commitments to the TDA.  It is expected that each family will have a parent available to teach unless other arrangements to support the TDA have been made and approved.

Teaching Commitment:

In order to provide our children with the highest quality programs that we can, we commit to the following:

-To be prepared for our teaching responsibilities;

-To be prompt and arrive at the church in time to be prepared for the day prior to the beginning of class;

-To attempt to, model integrity, compassion, honesty and Christ-like behavior, and holding them accountable to the same standards.

Financial Commitments:

In order to honor our obligations to the church facility, hired instructors, and the cost of specific classes taken, we commit to the following:

-To support the financial requirements of the TDA by submitting all fees to the administrator prior to the start date, unless otherwise approved.   Fees are non-refundable.

Commitment to abide by the accountability policy:

 TDA holds students to a high standard of respectful behavior, in and out of class. Students are expected to abide by classroom rules including: not talking unless asked to, not using cell phones and completing work on time. There is a disciplinary protocol for  students who do not follow this policy.

Commitment to God and Other Members:

TDA strives to build and deepen relationships between families. To that end, we seek to treat each other with respect and consideration, and agree to the following:

-I will seek first His kingdom

-I will seek to do unto others as I would have others do unto me.

-I will seek to maintain unity in our group by not gossiping, complaining and keeping my eyes and my heart pure where the opposite gender is concerned.

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