In addition to creating a rich spiritual environment, The Daniel Academy focuses on building a rigorous academic program, helping to fully prepare students to be successful in college and beyond.


High School Program

Our High School students have the opportunity to take classes in many unique areas beyond basic core competencies, including subjects such as Spanish, Fine Arts and Inductive Bible Study. View more details about our High School Academics.



Junior High School Program

Our Junior High students learn time management and organizational skills in the midst of self-discovery. In addition to a variety of available classes, Junior High students are given many opportunities to build skills, self-esteem and godly friendships. Learn more about our Junior High Academics.


Elementary School Program

Our elementary students are full of enthusiasm and we offer hands-on learning around different subjects that they are studying. To help them discover the world around them, we try to offer unique learning experiences such as Presentations, Math Games & Activities and Experiments. Read more about our Elementary Academics Program.



Little Daniels Pre-school Program

Are you looking for a preschool for your 3, 4 or 5 year old? Our ‘Little Daniels’ preschoolers are growing every day, making their love for life and learning irresistible.  Read more about our Little Daniels Pre-School Program.